Vince Tringali is a legend in San Francisco high school football and among NFL Hall-of-Famers. The NFL recently made a short documentary of Tringali--- who coached football at St.Ignatius, my alma mater in the Sunset, for several superlative, victorious years.

Vince Tringali, by NFL Films

Aside from nostalgic ardor for the wildcats, I'm hardly a loyal fan of football. But this film says a lot about how local sports and the national players were tied up in the old days of Bay Area (boys club) sports. It's somewhat hard to imagine all this Rudy-worthy wholesome and inspirational athleticism playing out against the backdrop of the San Francisco 1960s counter-culture--- but there you have it. SI and Tringali both, beating the odds every time.



February 27, 2007
9:00 PM (doors) 21+
Mezzanine SF
444 Jessie Street, San Francisco

Be fun and controversial. Make art. Make fun of art. Make history. Stand for something interesting. Take over the world. Shock. Inspire. Entertain. Make changes. Set the rules. Be fearless. Be honest. And have a good time while doing it.


BYOP *Bring your own pillow* (says Andy)

via LaughingSquid:

“The Instigator” of last years amazing Pillow Fight in San Francisco has informed us that it will be happening once again this Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14th) at Justin Herman Plaza. Here are photos from last year’s Pillow Fight.

It’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s

Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Market & Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA.

When: Wednesday, February 14th, when the Ferry Building clock strikes 6pm.



1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight!

2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Pillow Fight!!!

3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow.

4) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow.

5) Don’t hit anyone operating a camera.

Last year’s Pillow Fight was *amazing*! Let’s make the magic happen again! Please bring a few trash bags to share and help pick up after wards.


I found Niana Liu colorful maps of local SF neighborhoods at the Canvas Gallery at Lincoln and 19th, a laid-back cafe/bar cum gallery that's charming and colorful itself.

Here's a sampling of Niana's watercolors of local SF maps and a taste of her art work. If you know anything about the inner sunset or richmond, you know those pink grocery bags are ubiquitous, carrying fresh produce from small oriental markets. I have a love for maps, and her vibrant watercolors seem to underline what's signature.

Is it a little kitsch? Sure, but only if that's what you want to see. And for those that live in the scenery and sometimes need to strain to see the bright colors in the city blocks, well a little romanticization of the diurnal warms the soul. Sometimes it's good to play tourist in your own city.

You can find more at Niana's website: here. I couldn't find a digital clip of her "I heart SF way more" postcards---but they're my favorite. :)


Zachary RunningWolf, a 43 man has been living in one of the oak trees near the Stadium since the beginning of December. He said killing trees was suicidal.

I know he sounds a little kooky, but man, I love those trees.

In the afternoon, they catch all the golden light, filter it through a storm fine dust entrapped by leafy canopy, and shower down a dappled light display. Contemplative wanderers like to sit along the steps there and pretend to get some studying done.

Often, a band of caped crusaders will throw up a tire swing, like valorous robinhoods with intentions only of amusing over schooled-minds.

The live oaks near Memorial Stadium, under the threat of death from the University's plans for a new athletic facility, are one of the prettiest parts of campus. I used to pass through and underneath them daily, when I lived in a house right beside the stadium doors---with a perfect view of the humongous vertical crack along along its Romanesque wall, left by the 1989 earthquake. To the west, the oak trees crouch mindlessly, while students and professors rush in and past them over the years.


hello art.

that video was the last straw and I have finally purchased a piece of Kozyndan art, as I've contemplated all along. (good job directors!)

sometimes it's okay to be jealous.

Ne-nee, look what I have.

so many good things from artblog today. aside from the group hug (below), here are the good things I found:

A KozynDan documentary
two of my favorite artists, so this is a must see.

A review of The Fountain
I like the Wolverine, and this looked good, but having seen the film, artblog has a few more things to say...

A bit of the Victorian absurd
eye temptations. collages from the neo-traditional bizarre corner

and, last but not least: the photograph at right by Ari Marcopolous.

Group Hug Everyone!

in the Park, on January 27. For a performance art piece by Michelle Blade.

via Mesh

...another favorite Group Hug